Faculty Council


The Faculty Council consists of two elected faculty members from each Academic Unit of the College and the elected Chair of the Faculty.      21-22 Chair is John "Jay" Watkins Jr.

Excerpt from the COTA Constitution

  • The Chair of the Faculty will preside over its meetings and will represent the Faculty Council and the Faculty of the College on the Executive Committee.  
  • The Faculty Council shall meet monthly during the academic year.   
  • The Faculty Council shall:

a.        Advise the Dean on policy, budget, planning, and on matters brought to it by the Dean or independently initiated by the Council;

b.        Represent the Faculty on the Executive Committee;

c.        Examine procedures of shared governance;

d.        Communicate regularly to the faculty/staff of each Academic Unit on the business of the Faculty Council as deemed appropriate;

e.        Review policy & procedure manuals, & committees for the conduct of Faculty business, and recommend to the Faculty and Executive Committee the establishment and dissolution of such committees;

f.         Choose one if its members from each Academic Unit and assign the Chair of the Faculty to serve on an Advisory Budget Committee with the Directors and Assistant and Associate Deans.  This committee shall advise the Dean and receive reports on College budgetary matters.