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Faculty News : Jan 30, 2017

Will Kesling receives faculty honor

By Abigail Friedman

Will Kesling, celebrated UF School of Music professor and choral director, was recently recognized as a 2016 Faculty Honoree by an Anderson Scholar. When a student becomes an Anderson Scholar, an award was established by the University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to recognize outstanding academic achievements by undergraduates in their first two years of enrollment, they are able to name a faculty member who has been particularly inspiring or influential. At a university with such fantastic faculty talent, it is a real honor to be recognized in this fashion.

“I am always surprised and gratified when I get a ‘thank you’ form one of my students,” Kesling said.

This is one very special way that a student said thank you.

“Most importantly, it is just heartwarming to know that I had made even a small positive difference in the life of one of my students,” Kesling said.

Congratulations to Dr. Kesling and thank you for all your great work!