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Faculty News : Jul 6, 2016

Welson Tremura guest lectures in Brazil

By Briana Lirio

School of Music Associate Professor Welson Tremura was invited to teach for a week at Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) in the city of Recife, Brazil. The university is strategically located in a historical region that is privileged by a rich culture of rhythms and traditions from the Afro-Brazilian diaspora.

There he lectured for UFPE’s newly opened graduate program in ethnomusicology, which he was personally invited to do by the program director, professor Carlos Sandroni.

“During my classes I discussed the methodology and fieldwork technique for research in ethnomusicology, presented my original research in folk-Catholicism, and discussed the project at UF with the music of Brazil and Latin America,” Tremura said.

More than just lecturing, Tremura managed to encounter native music such as: coco, maracatú, xote and frevo during his trip.

“My interaction with students and faculty at UFPE was a very pleasing one,” Tremura said. “I was fascinated by the high level and the quality of the questions asked during my seminar. Also, I was very impressed with the respect they have for visitors and for the exchange of information.” 

Tremura is an associate professor of ethnomusicology and Latin American studies at University of Florida. He is also the Brazilian Music Institute director and is responsible for organizing the concert.