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Alumni News : Feb 3, 2015

Vivian Lamolli returns on third season of East Los High

By Leland Henry

Vivian Lamolli (BA Theatre ’09) will continue to play Filiberta on the third season of the Hulu original series East Los High. Lamolli said “Fili” will rise to the occasion this season and grow into a new maturity level.

“If you don’t know who Fili is by now, you will by the end of the season,” said Lamolli.

East Los High, as the name suggests, tells the dramatic story of students in a high school in East Los Angeles. It is the first English-language television show to boast an all-Latino cast.

“We’re all keeping the integrity of how it is living in East LA,” said Lamolli. “It shows what it’s really like to be in high school.”

Featuring important issues such as domestic violence, bullying and sexuality, Lamolli said the show began as a sort of public service announcement.

“The biggest thing is for the youth to understand they’re not alone,” said Lamolli. “It’s all about empowerment.”

Lamolli’s character is part of a dance team called the Bomb Squad, for which she said her dance training at UF has played a crucial role. Lamolli and her fellow cast members work with choreographers of pop sensations like Pink, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. 

“It was the time with professors [at UF] that built a foundation of schedule and discipline,” said Lamolli.

Season one and two of East Los High are now streaming on Hulu. The airdate for the third season has not been released, but is expected to be this summer.