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Faculty News : Mar 5, 2018

UF musicologists have robust showing at chapter meeting of American Musicological Society

For this year’s annual meeting of the American Musicological Society’s Southern Chapter, which included scholars from universities and colleges in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and southern Georgia, five musicologists presented papers from the University of Florida.

These papers accounted for over one third of all programming.

Dr. Jennifer Thomas, associate professor in music history, presented work focused on a singular motet that functioned as a matrix of inspiration and innovation. Dr. Silvio dos Santos, associate professor of musicology, presented on issues of indigenism in music of Hector Villa-Lobos. Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Joshua Neumann’s paper posited conceptual connections between statistics, graph theory, and opera performance studies.

Ph.D. candidate Navid Bargrizan discussed Manfred Stahnke’s postdramatic theatrical music, and Ph.D. student Emily Theobald situated Krysztof Penderecki’s music in Polish history of the past 50 years. Graduate students Hannah Dennecke and Pablo Marquine also attended the conference.