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General News : Mar 1, 2019

UF Musicologists at the southern chapter meeting of the American Musicological Society

At the 2019 meeting of the American Musicological Society Southern Chapter, hosted by UNF, five UF musicologists presented their research. Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition Dr. Navid Bargrizan's paper was titled “Forty Years of Sociopolitical Protest Music: Roger Waters’s Concept Albums as Manifesto against Indifference." Dr. Morgan Rich (PhD '16) presented her work titled, "Theodor Adorno’s Autobiographical Flashes in Berg. Meister des kleinsten Übergangs." PhD students Jeremey Frusco and Emily Theobold addressed the conference with their work, “‘Cara Italia’ and the Diasporic Work of Italian Rap” (Frusco), and “Sonorism and the Urban Soundscape in Penderecki’s Pittsburgh Overture (1967)” (Theobald). Masters student Hannah Deneke presented, “From Darkness to Glory in The Creation (1970) by Vincent Persichetti."