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General News : Nov 1, 2016

UF Digital Worlds, Theatre Strike Force provide laughs at “Choose Your News”

By Ansley Pentz

At a faux news desk in the UF Digital Worlds REVE, Theatre Strike Force member Michael Springthorpe reported that men were complaining about a lack of male sexy Halloween costumes.

“In an effort to respond immediately to the outburst, Party City released this costume into stores on Wednesday,” Springthorpe said.

A photo of Ken Bone, the red-sweater-clad voter at the second presidential debate, was projected onto the screen behind him.  The audience chuckled.

Throughout “Choose Your News,” a live satirical news show performed on Oct. 20, Springthorpe and other UF students cracked jokes about current events.  The event was part of Digital Worlds’ Digital Convergence Series, which has explored the confluence of arts, communications and technology for almost a decade.

As the newscast went on, Digital Worlds students used a green screen and video clips to simulate in-the-field reporting. 

Mark Burns acted in front of the green screen, pretending to be a nervous and uncomfortable field reporter.  At one point in the show, grime-covered fish flopped behind him on murky sand. 

"This is where I belong,” Burns said.  “This is where my story is.”

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