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Student Stories : Dec 13, 2016

UF Digital Worlds students create digital “Lion King Jr.” theatre set for local kids

By Ansley Pentz

A digitized Pride Rock jutted up from the side of the theatre stage.

Digital Worlds’ students created six digital illustrations to be projected as scenes from “The Lion King Jr.” production at the Martin Luther King Jr. Multi-Purpose Center. The free musical was put on by the Production Star Center Children’s Theatre and Caring and Sharing Learning School.

Using Photoshop, UF Digital Arts and Sciences undergraduate students Diana Salas, Justin Hammond and Melanie Berra were able to bring the theatre set to life.  They also volunteered to set up the projectors that displayed the images on the sides of the stage, Salas said.

It was the 22-year-old’s first time representing Digital Worlds outside of the classroom, and she said the students and faculty she met were impressed and appreciative of the team’s work.

“It’s surprising how much one drawing can do,” she said.