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Faculty News : Aug 10, 2015

UF Chamber Singers perform at International Choral Festival in Colombia

The UF Chamber Singers, directed by Dr. Will Kesling, traveled to Medellín, Colombia, for an International Choral Festival, “Festival Coral de Medellín Jose Maria Bravo Marquez,” this summer. They performed three concerts that were shared with three different choirs from Medellín: in Teatro Lido with Juventus Sirenaica, in Iglesia San Jose with Capella Nova, and in Museo de Antioquia with Corvidens.

The UF Chamber Singers also performed in a televised performance of “Gloria” at the Teatro Metropolitano de Medellín. In this closing concert, conducted by Dr. Kesling, the chamber singers were joined by the Ensemble Vocal Homines Urdi from Venezuela, the Ensemble Vocal de Buenos Aires from Argentina, the Vox Lumini from Chile and the Ensemble Vocal de Medellin from Colombia, as well as the city’s youth orchestra, the Red de Escuelas de Musica de Medellín. The chamber singers have been invited back to perform in Medellín.

Dr. Kesling also spent two weeks in Korea consulting with two universities who wish to develop music departments.