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Alumni News : Mar 18, 2014

Tammy Marinuzzi featured at Red Lodge Clay Center

MFA alumna Tammy Marinuzzi and her Secret Jars were featured at Red Lodge Clay Center, Red Lodge, Montana. To see the feature, click here. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"About two years ago I had an idea for a show focused on secrets. I was going to make containers for holding secrets.

The idea was born in the studio classroom, where my role as an educator also made me an inadvertent gatherer of private stories. Students can be so candid when talking about their projects, or sometimes, just in casual conversation with their classmates. I consider myself a story-teller, but I have never asked anyone directly to share a story. It has always been my secret that I collect stories and make work that is based on those stories. I have definitely borrowed information for my work from my surroundings, especially my jobs. I have been a hairdresser, photographer, caregiver, artist, and now an educator.

So this project started with the task of collecting secrets. I designed packets, and asked friends, across the country, to be “secret collectors”. Each collector received a group of packets. Each packet contained envelopes with a piece of paper inside. The paper stated, “Many of us have secrets, feel free to share your secret, please be anonymous, and put your secret back in your envelope, seal the envelope and give the secrets back to your secret collector.”

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