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Student Stories : Oct 14, 2016

The Mastodon and Me: National Arts and Humanities Month Editorial

By Danielle Nelson

If you turn right at the mastodon, you will find me here in the Florida Museum of Natural History working as a public programs intern. I have found the perfect place to exhibit my love of biology and education and my desire to create. Just getting to be at the Florida Musuem of Natural History every day has given me countless opportunities to learn about the cultures and richness of diversity of the past, connect with the current leaders in fields like herpetology, palentology, anhropology, and ichthyology, and help grow and inspire the minds of the future. It is exciting to see the university embrace national arts and humanities month because my experiences at the musuem have helped shaped not only my college experience, but will forever impact the way I interact with people and the world around me.

The University of Florida is a big place with big opportunities for all the students who walk its halls. It’s easy for all those opportunities to be buried and forgotten in the stress of classes and the business of everyday life. But if you keep searching and digging, eventually you will find the perfect place to exhibit your skills. And as for the mastodon and me, well, we have found the perfect place to do just that.  

- Danielle Nelson, UF student