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Student Stories : Oct 21, 2016

The Impact of the Arts and Humanities: National Arts and Humanities Month Editorial

By Vanessa Navas

As a student at the University of Florida, the knowledge I’ve acquired through the humanities has kept me grounded to the world around me. The arts and humanities foster awareness of the amazing and intricate realities that make up the human experience. At the same time, they also highlight important worldwide issues and the impact we can have as united individuals.

For undergraduates, our first four years of college are meant to be a valuable time of growth and reflection. Interning at the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) has helped me accomplish both. At the museum, I’m aware and connected to the natural world and my role within it. I’m given the opportunity to share this connection with others through education and assisting with the wonderful public programs at FLMNH. This month’s celebration is certainly important in inspiring reflection on the impact of arts and humanities on everyday life.

- Vanessa Navas, UF Biology student