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Alumni News : Sep 22, 2015

Taylor Rector on playing her dream role and staying positive

By Abigail Friedman

Many claim to have “grown up” in the theatre, but Taylor Rector (BFA Musical Theatre ‘12) in her newest project has very literally grown up on stage. Rector is playing Dainty June in The Media Theatre’s upcoming production of Gypsy, a dream role of hers since she played Baby June at 10 years old. “Everything has come full circle,” explains Rector.

Taylor has been working professionally for the last few years and Gypsy will be her first production as an equity actress. She explains the moment that she felt like she had made it: “I was playing Elle in Legally Blonde. There is a moment when she comes back in her new hot pink dress and reclaims her status. She knows that she is a good lawyer and she can conquer the world. The feeling of that moment with everyone singing as I was walking down the stage, that was my moment. That feeling is what I love about theatre.”

Much like Elle Woods in the musical number “Keep it Positive,” Rector urges others to stay positive.

“You have to keep going and stay positive,” Rector says. “You go to audition and audition and hear nothing. You just have to keep going. If this is what you want to do, do it!”

Rector says she misses Gainesville and game days in the Swamp. She is grateful that UF offers an “entire experience” and is glad that she was able to take advantage of the experience and take classes that helped her grow as an artist.