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Student Stories : Jul 6, 2016

SOTD student's choreography accepted into the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival

By Brandon McKinley

BA Dance Studies major Breena Cocco choreographed work that was accepted into the Boston Conservatory Dance Festival.

Cocco, a senior at UF who is also majoring in advertising, choreographed “Differentiate” in her Dance Composition 4 class. It was performed at the School of Theatre and Dance’s Spring BFA Showcase.

The Boston Conservatory Dance Festival will be taking place August 13 at 7 p.m.

The cast, affectionately called the “Cocco Puffs,” includes Cocco, Dani Frost, Grace Landefeld, Marie Callahan, Jade Bloshuk and Keely Mason. Nicoletta Lanese is the whistler for the piece.

Cocco said they are in the process of trying to work out logistics and fundraising for the festival.

Earlier this summer, Cocco and Dani Frost took their duet “Pause Play” to Richmond, Virginia, after it was selected for the 2016 Richmond Dance Festival.

A summer scholarship from the Friends of Theatre and Dance allowed the two to attend the festival.

“It was such an amazing experience as both a choreographer and performer,” Cocco said.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reviewed the duet, saying Cocco’s “childlike innocence and athletic energy” are not to be overlooked.

Both “Differentiate” and “Pause Play” can be viewed on Cocco’s website