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Alumni News : Feb 23, 2017

SOTD alumna appears in Flora & Ulysses

By Rachel Sherman

Celeste Den (BFA ‘01) is currently in Flora & Ulysses at the South Coast Repertory in California. Den plays three characters, Donald Tickham, Ernie and Dr. Meescham, in this performance.

The play centers on a ten-year-old girl named Flora who enjoys reading comic books. Flora, whose parents are divorced, spends her time trying to understand why her parents got divorced. In the midst of her confusion, a vacuum cleaner sucks up a squirrel and pops him out as a superhero who can write poetry and even fly. Flora names him Ulysses, and together, the two embark on a villain-fighting journey.  

Flora & Ulysses and the rest of the plays Den has appeared in have made a big impact on her as an actor, as well as a person.
“It takes a lot of bravery to stand up tall and use your voice to speak the truth—in acting and in life—so I thank my family and friends for showing me what courage looks like and teaching me what strength feels like,” Den said.