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Alumni News : Jul 29, 2015

Shanna Ferris awarded Ann Garnett Marston Scholarship

By Ashby Strauch

In the spring of 2015, Shanna Ferris received the Ann Garnett Marston Scholarship through the University Women’s Club Scholarships. She graduated summa cum laude in May with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a minor in art history and a focus in art + technology. The Ann Garnett Marston Scholarship is awarded to students in the School of Art + Art History with excellent scholarship, responsible leadership and for service to the university and/or community.           

Ferris played a key role in the Boca Boulevard installation in April 2015 in downtown Gainesville. From collaboratively leading the proposal and creating a social media campaign to installing and constructing the exhibition, Ferris was able to engage with the Gainesville community through her public art installation.

“As a large-scale video installation, this piece immersed the viewer into a 50-feet-long hallway made up entirely of reflective material,” said Ferris. “As viewers walked down the hall, they were constantly confronted by themselves on both sides, and dead-end at a video projection that spans a 12- by 8-feet screen.”

After graduating, Ferris embarked on a road trip from Florida to California with her friend, Caitlyn Manning. She will use the opportunity to create art and shoot photos and videos. After the road trip, Ferris plans to decide whether she wants to pursue graduate school, videography employment options or other opportunities she discovers on her journey.

Ferris and Manning documented their adventure and the art that they make on a collaborative blog at To view a video of the Boca Boulevard installation, click here.