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Student Stories : May 25, 2016

School of Music PhD student Morgan Rich awarded Graduate School Dissertation Award

By Briana Lirio

Morgan Rich, a PhD student at the School of Music, received the Graduate School Dissertation Award based on the scholarly merit of her research. This award will provide her with funding for the next four to six months over the final stage of her UF PhD candidacy. Rich successfully defended her dissertation, “Theodor Adorno and Alban Berg: the Crossroads between Philosophy and Music,” in April and is currently working on her final submission. Her work examines how the philosopher Adorno, incorporated musical concepts from his composition teacher Alban Berg into philosophical thought and texts. She delved into how the twelve-tone method of composition informed Adorno’s philosophical thought all the while tracing the narrative Adorno constructs of Berg throughout his life. Rich is expected to join the UF’s SOM faculty in the Fall, for one year, while she teaches musicology courses.