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General News : Apr 29, 2016

SA+AH student Kim Crowell receives Dr. Michael J. Rollo Diversity Impact Award

By Casey Wooster

Museum studies student Kim Crowell received the Dr. Michael J. Rollo Award in honor of her work with Access Art programs at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. Out of the seventeen University of Florida students nominated, Crowell and five other students were recognized for their demonstrated leadership in inspiring others to commit to creating a more diverse and inclusive campus community.

Crowell for the past two years has been involved in the planning and implementation of Access Art, a program that invites people with and without visual impairments to experience art through one-on-one conversation and senses other than sight. The program includes guided tours of touchable artworks inspired by the Harn’s exhibitions as well as installations of touchable art, made and presented by local artists. The last one took place March 12, 2016.

To learn more about Access Art, visit www.harn.ufl.udu/access.