In the Loop
Student Stories : Apr 9, 2014

Ashley Taylor to work with Crown Point Press

Student Ashley Taylor was recently offered the opportunity to assist with Crown Point Press this summer. For six weeks, Taylor will be working with master printers Emily York and Ianne Kjorlie with printing and helping them teach 3-1 printmaking workshops this summer. These workshops cover all the methods York and Kjorlie developed on copperplate etching and printer.

“To have this opportunity to work with them is a real honor, and I am really excited to be learning all I can from their master printers to further my own experience and knowledge of printmaking and publishing,” Taylor says.

Founded in 1962, Crown Point Press uses traditional printmaking techniques for new art ideas. Crown Point invites artists from Europe, Japan and various parts of the U.S. to work with etching in its San Francisco studios. These artists work with master printers, and the work results in original prints hand-printed in limited editions. Crown Point Press exhibits and sells the prints it produces in curated shows in its gallery at 20 Hawthorne Street in San Francisco.