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Faculty News : Sep 22, 2016

SA+AH professor Kaira Cabañas edits new book

By Rachel Sherman

UF Professor Kaira Cabañas played a key role in editing the book Laercio Redondo: Intimacies/Proximidades, which tells the story behind the work of Brazilian artist Laercio Redondo.

Cabañas had the enjoyable, yet challenging task of organizing the first anthology written about the artist.

“When reviewing the authors’ contributions, I wanted to be sure to maintain their individual, critical voices, but also be sure that their essays were responsive to the various facets of Laercio Redondo’s art,” Cabañas said. She identified the common ground that not only stayed true to the work of Redondo, but also preserved the authors' distinct perspectives.

In addition, Cabañas had the job of translating from both literal and artistic standpoints. She enjoyed finding the appropriate words in Portuguese and English and communicating the meaning behind the artist’s work when editing the book.

When asked if it was challenging to organize the very first anthology on Redondo’s work, Cabañas asserted that she and the artist had the support of copy editors, writers and a designer who they could depend on during the production process. She also affirmed that editing the book was more of a responsibility than a challenge because “as the first anthology on the artist, it sets the initial terms of debate for any future writing on his work,” according to Cabañas.

You can learn more about purchasing the new book Laercio Redondo: Intimacies/Proximidades by clicking here.