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Alumni News : Mar 28, 2017

SA+AH alumnus Brian Moody on Art Education

By Marissa Secades

“Difficult, but rewarding” is how School of Art + Art History alumnus Brian Moody (BFA Sculpture ‘03) describes his current situation.

Presently, Moody is teaching High School Visual Arts at PK Yonge Developmental Research School at the University of Florida (UF) while simultaneously earning a master’s degree in Art Education from UF. As an undergraduate student at UF, he worked alongside “an amazing faculty” and learned how to multitask and  juggle responsibilities, both of which are skills he still implements today, he said.

His own passion for Art Education motivates him to share what he has learned with his students.

“Art education helps my students expand their thought process, think laterally and creatively, and incorporate multiple disciplines to create their artwork. They learn to problem-solve in ways that students who don’t get the experience of an art class may have difficulty with,” said Moody.

At PK Yonge, Moody is focusing on the “AP and Honors Portfolio Show 2017,” opening April 4 at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art and running until April 24.

“My students in Honors and AP will be featured, and they are really excited to be represented in this way,” he said. “This will be the third year we are being showcased at the Harn for our annual AP and Honors show.”

In speaking about his teaching style, Moody described it as one that creates an environment that supports freedom of artistic choice.

“I provide guidance and support, and in return for all of this, the students have real ownership of the classroom and their work, and they gain valuable skills beyond the creation of their artwork. It’s a true win-win.”

Moody is currently enrolled in an experimental drawing class in his Master's’ program. He believes that this class, and all his others, have positively affected his teaching style and the projects he assigns to his students.  

“Life is good.”

To learn more about the 2017 PK Yonge AP and Honors Portfolio show, visit