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General News : Feb 20, 2019

Rhode Island Arts and Health Advisory Network

By Steven Boudreau

Now that the Rhode Island Arts and Health Plan is written and has been taken public we are moving toward implementation.  This means we are changing our name from the Rhode Island Arts and Health Advisory Group to the Rhode Island Arts and Health Network.  We have adopted a network structure because it is less hierarchical, more decentralized, and more flexible than other structures. In this network structure, managers/partners coordinate and facilitate relationships and tasks that are both internal and external to the hub agency(ies).  The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the Rhode Island Department of Health will make up the backbone agencies, acting as “Hubs” to provide guidance and structure.  The Rhode Island Arts and Health Network Steering Committee will provide subject matter expertise and guidance during implementation of Plan elements.  Internal and external partners will come together around project management, thereby forming the Network.

A copy of the Plan, information about our evidence mapping process and additional information about the project is located online at:

First-year funded, and staffed projects include:

  • Refining the “continuum of services” concept to help us understand the various roles and responsibilities of those working in the field;
  • Designing and implementing an Artist in Resident program in collaboration with the Department of Health;
  • Implementing a RISD museum art-based professional development project to reduce bias in emergency room treatment of people with opioid use disorder;
  • Designing and promoting a screened roster of teaching artists working in healthcare and public health settings;
  • Expanding the RISCA Projects in Healthcare grants category to include all ages;
  • Implementing a web presence for the Arts and Health Network, beginning with additions to the RIDOH Arts and Health webpages;
  • Promoting our evidence map and work at regional and national meetings;
  • Conducting a baseline inventory of RI arts and health programs; and
  • Identifying additional funding sources to carry out additional Plan elements, develop priorities, and create sustainability as we develop the field.

Steven Boudreau
Chief Administrative Officer, RIDOH
Lead, RIDOH Academic Center Workforce and Career Development
Co-director, Rhode Island Arts and Health Network
Executive Leadership Team/Strengths Coach/Diversity Liaison