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General News : May 3, 2018

Retired faculty member's debut novel wins award

Mallory O'Connor, who taught at the University of Florida in 1969-1978, and also curated the Constance and Linton Grinter Gallery of International Art in the early 1980s, recently released a novel titled American River: Tributaries, which follows the entwined lives of three immigrant families—Irish, Mexican and Japanese—during the turbulent decade of the 1960s.

Through its address of era-specific issues, such as gay rights, women’s rights and immigration, O’Connor’s American River series takes readers on a journey through one of the country’s more notable decades for social justice and creative growth.

“The experiences of the 60s that I wrote about in this trilogy are things I observed first-hand – the Civil Rights Movements, the Women’s liberation Movement, the United Farm Workers Movement,” O’Connor said. “I watched John Kennedy’s funeral on TV, worked in the Bobby Kennedy presidential campaign and protested the Vietnam War. Interesting times – and all are referenced in American River.”

The novel won first prize in the fiction category from Northern California Publishers and Authors, which is a group of authors, publishers, and industry professionals in Northern California who provide advice, opportunities and encouragement to members through workshops, seminars, presentations and on-line materials.

Listen to her discuss the book with CUTV News Radio here.

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