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Alumni News : Sep 2, 2015

Margeaux Jordan reflects on how her time at UF helped her launch her career

By Tyler McLennan

University of Florida alumna Margeaux Jordan graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a minor in theatre. During her time at UF, Jordan was also a member of the Dazzlers spirit squad. 

“I began dancing when I was 3 years old,” Jordan says. “I had always loved writing, drawing, acting, choreographing and creating. Growing up I was intrigued with music artists and movies. I love everything about entertainment and the arts.”

At the age of 12, Jordan took on acting. She decided to minor in theatre at UF to ensure she got her “theatre fix,” she says.

“Being a theatre minor allowed me to express myself, break new boundaries physically and emotionally and fine-tune my acting skills,” Jordan says. “The School of Theatre and Dance is such a warm, friendly and open environment—a judgment-free zone, where you're able to perform, be creative and learn from some of the best.”

One faculty member who had a particular impact on Jordan was Sean Cancellieri. Jordan says the improvisation class she took with him changed her dynamics as an actor and took her improvisation skills to the next level.

“Sometimes I kept within my comfort zone and stuck within the boundaries I knew I could nail, but Sean helped me break new ground as an actor,” says Jordan. “He helped me find a place where I could free my mind to go outside the box, yet think on my toes without hesitation or fear of failure.”

Since graduating from UF, Jordan has continued to pursue careers in public relations, music, acting and dance. Jordan founded her own public relations and multimedia company, Geaux Getter, has landed roles in TV shows including I'd Kill For You on Investigation Discovery Channel (NBCUniversal), Selling Yachts (AWE Network) and various independent feature-length and short films. In addition to running her own public relations company and acting, Jordan also produces her own music. For more information about Jordan, click here.