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Alumni News : Sep 30, 2015

Linden Tailor lands roles in Going in Style and Tokyo Fish Story

By Tyler McLennan

University of Florida School of Theatre + Dance alumnus Linden Tailor (MFA Acting ’14) will appear in a remake of the late 1970s film Going in Style directed by Zach Braff. The production is set to release on May 6, 2016.

In the new screenplay by Theodore Melfi, three senior men who are living social security check to social security check decide to take part in a bank-robbing heist. Tailor plays a principal role in the film as a softball umpire alongside starring cast Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin.

“I auditioned through my management Davis/Spylios,” Tailor says. “A year and a half ago, my former professor Tim Altmeyer told the company about a New York showcase of mine and we set up a meeting. Later that summer, I moved to NYC and signed with Davis/Sylios.”

Tailor currently lives in New York City where he auditions for different gigs weekly. In February 2016, Tailor will begin rehearsing for a new play called Tokyo Fish Story with TheatreWorks Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, California.

In the play, sushi chefs juggle old school vs. new school ways of making sushi, says Tailor. The restaurant is losing customers, so the chef’s apprentice suggests using new sushi techniques, but the sushi chef wants to stick with the old traditions. Tailor plays the role of Nobu, the young, hip-hop influenced best friend of the apprentice chef.

“Nobu is a happy-go-lucky guy,” Tailor says. “He even sings some old-school hip-hop in the play.”

You can also catch Tailor in the season finale (episode 10) in the Showtime series Happyish where he plays a young company employee.