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Faculty News : Jul 6, 2016

Leslie Odom releases album “Scene Rustique”

By Briana Lirio

Leslie Odom is a professor of oboe and music theory at University of Florida’s School of Music. She has a passion for Oakland piano music composed by women, and the content of her new album “Scene Rustique” centers around just that. She worked with pianist Soomee Yoon, in order to recreate musical classics from five female composers of the twentieth century. The composers are: Hedwige Chretian, Mary Chandler, Marina Dranishnikova, Gloria Wilson Swisher and Madeleine Dring.

“It is exciting for me to finally have this music out,” Odom said. “This is not standard repertoire, and it has been a long time in the making.”

The works in the album vary, there light vernacular-inspired dance pieces and there are both neo-classical and neo-romantic pieces as well.  Though it was released less than a month ago “Scene Rustique” has already received great reviews. Babysue said the following about it:

“This is not a simple rechurning of the same old compositions by the same old masters of classical music. These tracks are sparse, moody, sometimes peculiar, but otherwise effective. This is a short album clocking in at just under 30 minutes. But in that length of time Odom and Yoon provide music that is sure to sooth the soul and calm the nerves.”

The positive response Odom has received has encouraged her to make another album in the near future. “Scene Rustique” is available online on Amazon and in Mp3 format.