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General News : Mar 11, 2014

Andrew Yang hosts lecture March 13, 2014

The School of Art + Art History invites you to attend a lecture by Andrew Yang titled “Even a Rock Can Be A Joke: Ambiguities in Art, Nature, and Knowledge.” The lecture, which is part of Sean Miller’s Repurposing the Wunderkammer: Building a New Space for Science and Art will be on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in FAB Room 103.

Andrew Yang works across the disciplines of biology and the visual arts in a variety of forms including primary scientific research, sculptural objects, and zines to explore the dynamics of nature/culture. He studied the ecology and evolution of ant organization as well as the conceptual foundations of biology at Duke University, where he received his PhD. Andrew Yang writes, “Natural History of the Enlightenment was the contemporary art of its time. Putting this notion into practice, I make objects, installations, and texts that probe the ever-changing relationships between theories, things and creatures that teem within our ecology of experience. I seek out both latent and emergent meanings among the materials, forms and histories of diverse phenomena, from songbirds to meteorites, from ivory to embryo. If Nature is a hypothesis, then art is a contraption to experiment with both its logic and limit.”

Andrew Yang’s lecture is supported by the Creative Campus Catalyst Fund and School of Art + Art History Marston Fund. The lecture is part of the project Repurposing the Wunderkammer: Building a New Space for Science and Art. The project includes curated exhibitions featuring artists from the U.S. and abroad, a thematically related studio art course held at the Florida Museum of Natural History (Spring 2014), and public lectures and screenings.These events are co-funded or supported by the Florida Museum of Natural History, Samuel P. Harn Museum, Analogous Thinking Grant, and the School of Art and Art History Visiting Artists / Scholars Committee Marston Fund.

To find out more about Yang’s work, click here.