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Staff News : Jul 21, 2014

Laura Robertson receives UF’s Prudential Productivity Award

By Chloe Hoffmann

Congratulations to Laura Robertson, senior associate in graduate studies, for receiving one of UF’s 2014 Prudential Productivity Awards. Robertson received a certificate of commendation for developing and deploying online portals for graduate admissions, critical communications and review procedures.

Robertson learned of Sakai with the launch of the Art Education distance master’s degree program. She was curious about how an online course management system could aid her academic advising of graduate students on campus. 

When Robertson completed her initial advising goals and learned more about the tools, she discovered Sakai could effectively assist in additional work responsibilities.

“Creating and using online project sites became a win for everyone because I was able to better coordinate admission processing,” Robertson said. “While substantially reducing printing and waste, I was able to improve faculty service with the simultaneous review of applicant files. With another site, I was able to improve my efficiency in sending and maintaining semester graduate assistant employment contracts and eliminated printing and filing of that paperwork.”

Her colleague Patrick Grigsby nominated Robertson for the award.

“Having a colleague recognize and appreciate my work is by far the most rewarding honor,” Robertson said.