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Alumni News : Jul 7, 2014

Kristin Reeves featured in solo exhibition in Chicago

The work of School of Art + Art History alumna Kristin Reeves (MFA Art and Technology ’12) is currently featured in a solo exhibition, [What Is This Feeling]at Antena in Chicago. [What Is This Feeling], which is on view through July 19, 2014,processes the consequences of a desire to isolate where it hurts and what it is to be human.

The work is inspired by Reeves’ history as a pediatric research subject and a more recent experience handling dissected and dismembered cadavers at the end of their two-years of use. “I retired and documented a series of experimental handmade 16mm film loops that had been at my service for the same duration,” says Reeves. “The stills are displayed through a network of x-ray viewers, embellished power strips and electrical cords. Also on display, a running film installation in the process of breakdown.”

Examining the examiners through still and moving media, Reeves has shown her work internationally in museums, galleries, theaters, art events and festivals such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn) and the European Media Art’s 2013 Best of the Festival program (Osnabrück). She has also collaborated in more than 20 multimedia performances including the Tony Fitzpatrick American Trilogy at Steppenwolf Theater. Reeves is an assistant professor of art at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.