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Faculty News : Aug 15, 2017

Dr. Kevin Orr releases third CD

Dr. Kevin Orr, professor of music at UF, recently released his third CD on Meyer Media, focusing upon the major piano works of Samuel Barber.  Included is a collaboration on the Barber Piano Concerto Op. 38 with conductor En Shao and the Slovenian Radio and Television Symphony.  Also included are the Sonata Op. 26, Ballade Op. 46 and Nocturne Op. 33.  

A recent review by Piano News (Germany) noted: 

“Samuel Barber’s piano music, unjustifiably, does not belong to Europe’s standard repertoire. At hand, recordings of the Piano Concerto Op. 38, Sonata op.26, Nocturne Op. 33, and Ballade Op. 46, by Kevin Orr and the Slovenia Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by En Shao, radiate the character of a reference-recording; not only because these pieces are hardly-ever performed, but also because of the outstanding quality of these new performances.”