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Alumni News : Oct 22, 2014

Joy Cox displays drawings in ocean-themed exhibition

Joy Drury Cox (MFA Photo '06) was one of four artists to participate in the ocean-themed exhibition The Whales of August at Wayfarers in Brooklyn, New York, this past August. Wayfarers is a Brooklyn-based studio program that offers qualifying members private studios, access to a woodshop and a solo-show (or the option to curate a show) in the on-site gallery.

"A lot but not all of my work deals with mapping punctuation in classic works of literature," Cox said. "I recently finished a yearlong project where I drew every comma in Herman Melville's classic Moby-Dick."

The group exhibition featured a work in a variety of media including drawings, video, sculptural works and installation art. For more information about the exhibition, click here.

Cox currently has a show in New York at Launch F18 Gallery, where the entire book (featuring only the commas) is on display. To see more of her work and find information on upcoming exhibitions, visit her website.