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Faculty News : Aug 20, 2018

Jennifer Thomas presents at International Early Music Conferences

By Jennifer Thomas presents at International Early Music Conferences

A three-year project launched in 2016 and based in the Centre for the Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music at the Lisbon Nova University hosted a conference with a focus on Iberian music from about 1470-1520. Held in Cascais, Portugal the conference, The Anatomy of Late 15th- and Early 16th-Century Iberian Polyphonic Music, brought together an international array of scholars who focus on analysis, philology, and contextual interpretation of music during this period of radical change in music. Jennifer Thomas shared her research in a paper highlighting a diverse group of four internationally significant works that appeared in central Iberian manuscripts.

The annual international Medieval-Renaissance musicology conference, held this year at Maynooth, Ireland, is the most significant venue for sharing new research in early music. Professor Thomas presented her work on one of the earliest internationally-circulated motets, a small work that anchors a large and diverse complex of sacred and secular, works, both vocal and instrumental.