In the Loop
Alumni News : Aug 31, 2016

From TV to movies, Angelique Rivera continues to find success

By Abigail Friedman

Angelique Rivera (BFA Theatre Performance ’14) is loving Los Angeles, and Los Angeles is loving Rivera. “I love sunshine and good weather and that’s LA” says Rivera, who has found major success moving to the West Coast.  Rivera got her start in the hit drama, “American Crime” and is now working on a myriad of projects.

“It is all very exciting and I am really enjoying it,” says Rivera who has spent her summer filming and working on different projects. In June, Rivera shot “The Crooked Man,” a horror movie in which she was played the lead. The following month Rivera shot “Loca,” an independent movie that she describes as an "unique and cool experience."

Currently, Rivera is shooting yet another movie for the Lifetime TV network, “Eat Slay Love,” in which she plays a vampire. “Getting into film has been really enjoyable for me,” says Rivera, who likens film to theatre. Rivera says that although TV is more spontaneous and in the moment, she also enjoys “exploring and playing with different choices” in film.

Even with all of her sucess, Rivera reflects, “I have had my times where I have felt very anxious and lost.” She encourages all young actors to stay positive and “to take care of who you are,  believe in your dream, be patient and that will take you places.”