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General News : Aug 15, 2017

Dr. Welson Alves Tremura travels to Brazil for the 53rd Festival of Folklore

Dr. Welson Alves Tremura, associate professor of music at UF, traveled to Brazil to participate in the III Symposium of Ethnomusicological Studies of Olímpia during the 53rd Festival of Folklore at the tourist resort of Olímpia (FEFOL). The thematic meeting included lectures, thematic tables and workshops and artistic presentations, and was held on August 11 and 12, 2017, at the “Espaço da Cultura” in the Exhibition Center and Square of Folk and Tourist Activities "Professor José Sant'anna."

The 3rd Symposium of Ethnomusicological Studies of Olímpia discussed issues related to folklore in the contemporary world and how to integrate the various social actors involved with the theme: researchers, teachers, cultural agents and the folk groups. The conferences addressed the new contexts of performance, traditional recreations, education and tourism and new technology.

The meeting was an accomplishment of the Folklore Festival of Olímpia and the Olímpia Association of Defense of Brazilian Folklore, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Ethnomusicology (ABET) and the Koellreutter Foundation. Special support came from the Municipality of the Tourist Resort of Olímpia through the Secretary of Culture Sports and Leisure as well as the Secretary of Education.