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Alumni News : Jun 9, 2015

Don Edler's work featured in exhibition in California

By Ashby Strauch

Don Edler (UF BFA Sculpture ‘10) was recently featured in the exhibition, 6871 California Ave, at Casablanca Present, Joshua Tree, California. The exhibition’s title comes from the address of the property he shared with Andrea Brown and Darren Goins. It was here that they all inhabited and made art for eight months.

“It was a haven for us,” said Edler. “We all left New York City because we had become disillusioned by the urban grind, bad weather and high rent, and somehow we all wound up sharing this amazing space. This show is about the time and work we made at 6871 California Ave.”

My Bed and My Chair was one of Edler’s works in this exhibition. The inspiration behind this work stems from an exercises he experiments with during his free time in the studio—ratchet-strapping objects together. Edler was also thinking about the body at rest and which objects allow for the body to be at rest. He discovered his bed and his chair were a good pairing because they fit together and imply rest.

Edler combines a variety of media from Play-Doh to 3D printing in his works. He uses Play-Doh because this is often the first media that people start creating with when they are young, while 3D printing represents the future of producing objects.

“My time at the University of Florida was very special,” said Edler. “I was fortunate to have the opportunity work with some truly amazing educators, Celeste Roberge, Brad Smith, Anthony Castronovo and Roger Beebe in the English department. They all routinely went above and beyond; they taught me most of what I know today.

“They all influenced my work, my approach to art making and, most importantly, they were all incredibly supportive and helped give me the confidence to move to New York and pursue my career as an artist.”