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General News : Nov 23, 2016

Digital Worlds hosts external advisory board

Digital Worlds Institute welcomed its advisory board to UF on Nov. 18.  The interdisciplinary group is comprised of professionals from diverse fields related to the academic, research and service missions of the institute.

Attendees ranged from corporate representatives from Apple Computer (Tim David), Chipmaker Intel (James Gualario) and London-based  IOCOM (Alan Lowe), to successful West Coast digital media entrepreneurs Richard Kidd (Perilous Orbit) and Jesse Rapczak (Studio Wildcard), to New York-based scenic and projection designer Michael Clark to UF directors Jane Muir (Innovation Hub) and Bryan Jose (Performing Arts).

The Board reviewed presentations about the major projects Digital Worlds has produced in its 15-year history, as well as a newly created “Welcome to DW” multimedia piece profiling the institute’s facilities, programs and culture. Discussions ensued, with the visitors providing feedback and recommendations for DW’s continued growth and trajectories.  The proceedings also included a live demonstration of a new Virtual Reality game produced by Richard Kidd’s production company, Perilous Orbit, and a career overview and recommendations for success from UF graduate and Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak.  The day wound down with a reception for the board members, DW staff and graduate students, followed by a performance of an original multimedia performance piece by undergraduate Digital Arts & Sciences students entitled "Facing the Refugee Crisis."