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General News : Feb 18, 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 Creativity in the Arts and Sciences Event award winners from the College of the Arts

Congratulations to all of the College of the Arts students who received awards at the 2015 Creativity in the Arts and Sciences Event (CASE) held Jan. 31, 2015 at UF. Presented by the UF Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Science for Life Program and the College of the Arts, the 2015 CASE featured science research posters, 2-D/3-D art exhibits, film, and dance/music/theatre performances. More than 130 students from 10 UF colleges and approximately 46 different departments and disciplinary programs as well as students from Emory University and Louisiana State University competed for prizes in three categories: science, art, and science/art collaboration.

UF faculty, UF administrators and experts from the community served as judges for the event. Students in the science competition participated in peer-judging of science posters as part of the competition. More than $10,000 was awarded to further students’ academic pursuits. Here are this year's award winners: 

Collaboration Winners:

1st Place ($1250): Gabriel Alberts & Luca Brunozzi - The Only Constant

1st Place ($1250): Sherry Wang & Robin Yoon - Ischemia House: Sensitizing Vestibule

1st Place ($1250): Hah Kim & Nicholas Pasternack - Flute and Brain Duet: Where Notes and Memory Meet

2nd Place ($750): Reema Kola & Ana McIntosh - Interactions Within Innate Immune Responses

2nd Place ($750): Caroline Duran & Talles Sidronio - Resilience

2nd Place ($750): Andrea Sakelson & Kaley McCurdy - Effects of Brain Disease

3rd Place ($500): Kelsey Faust & Ena Saito - Repetitive Destruction: The Story of a Tragic Mind

3rd Place ($500): Tori Glod & Tyler Garman - 18 Minutes on Drancing

3rd Place ($500): Alma Guyton & Santiago Carrasquilla - Interior Structure, Exterior Morphology

Arts (Visual/Performing) Winners:

1st Place ($1250): Anna Hinkeldey - Hurricane Series

2nd Place ($750): Shannon Healey - I Don’t Know What To Say Anymore

3rd Place ($500): Gabriella Schmid - Come Together

Science Winners:

1st Place ($1250): Andre Szejner-Sigal - Does Artificial Selection for Cold Hardiness Also Drive Growth Rates in the FlyDrosophila Melanogaster?

1st Place ($1250): Mary Bramlage - Impact of Dual Tasking on Cycling Performance of Healthy Young Adults

2nd Place ($750): David Stupski - Investigating the Potential Protective Role of Sodium Thiosulfate Against Neurodegeneration

2nd Place ($750): Benjamin McMahon - Investigating the Transmissions of ALS Pathology in a Mouse Cell Model

3rd Place ($250): Madeleine Turcotte - Crystallizing a Regulator of the Cell's Skeleton to Determine its Shape and Function

3rd Place ($250): Margot Samson - Investigating the Role of Long A_s in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease

3rd Place ($250): Saajan Patel - AAV VP1u Externalization

3rd Place ($250): Rebecca Abraham - Enhancing the Efficacy of Dendritic Cell Vaccines in Immunotherapy for GlioblastomaMultiforme (GBM) with Tetanus Toxoid