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Alumni News : Feb 9, 2017

Ceramics alumna shares recent achievements

By Chaz May

University of Florida alumna Priya Thoresen has recently been awarded a completion grant from Arizona State University and was accepted into the Arts Axis group, a network for independent artists

Thoresen attended the UF School of Art + Art History from 2012-2014 completing her post baccalaureate study in ceramics. After leaving UF, she began at the Arizona State University MFA program.

“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without UF”, Thoresen said. “At UF I was able to focus on developing the ideas behind my work and conceptual thinking skills to to make the jump to the ASU MFA program.”

In addition to Thoresen completing her MFA, she was also accepted into Arts Axis: an evolving independent network for artists. Thoresen was juried by a several members of the organization before being accepted into the group. She hopes that this membership will give her and her work more exposure.

Thoresen was most recently awarded a $2,000 completion grant from the the Arizona State University School of Art. She says she will use this money for art supplies and custom pedestals for her upcoming thesis.

Thoresen’s MFA thesis exhibition Color •Object •Form will be held at ASU Harry Wood Gallery from March 20-24. It will feature original ceramic vessels based on everyday objects and materials found in thrift stores.

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