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General News : Mar 1, 2020

Call for Papers: Health Promotion Practice Arts in Public Health Supplement

Call open March 1, 2020 - August 1, 2020

Call for Papers: HPP Arts in Public Health Supplement

The call for papers will be open from March 1, 2020, to August 1, 2020

Health Promotion Practice (HPP), in collaboration with the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine and ArtPlace America, is excited to announce a call for papers for an upcoming special open-access supplement on Arts in Public Health.

CLICK HERE to access the full Call for Papers.

The specific aims of the Supplement

  • Help practitioners and researchers in public health and the arts learn about projects, strategies and frameworks, policies, research methods, practices that advance health through the arts and the places where this work is happening;
  • Stimulate and inform cross-sector collaboration among public health and arts professionals.

If you are a researcher or practitioner doing work that focuses on areas related to cross-sector collaborations that engage the arts – broadly defined to include formal and informal arts and cultural activities - we invite you to submit a manuscript.  We are looking for research addressing, but is not limited to, one of five critical public health issues:

  • Collective trauma, including strategies for recovery and prevention
  • Racism, including strategies to change the structural and systemic conditions that maintain racism or other systems of discrimination
  • Social isolation, and exclusion, including strategies for inclusion and social cohesion
  • Mental health, including strategies for addressing recovery, stigma, and addiction
  • Chronic disease, including strategies for communication, prevention, management, and well-being

The following types of articles are welcome

  • Evidence synthesis, including scoping or systematic reviews
  • Original research using any credible methodology, including arts-based research
  • Best practices from community-based initiatives, particularly those that can be scaled or tailored to other settings
  • Theoretical or conceptual frameworks for arts and public health practice

We welcome submissions that recognize that the arts include both formal and informal activities or interventions that engage people through aesthetic or creative means as makers, spectators, players, or participants. This call will yield papers that will be published in HPP online and in print in early 2021. This issue will be further supplemented by online practice profiles, blogs, interviews, and works of art.

CLICK HERE to access the full Call for Papers.

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CLICK HERE to visit the Creating Healthy Communities: Arts + Public Health in America initiative page.

CLICK HERE to learn about the Arts in Public Health Graduate Certificate, offered online, at the University of Florida. Applications open for Fall 2020.