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Student Stories : May 1, 2019

Bringing spirit to the symphony

#UFgrad Spotlight: Eva Casado Ariza (MM '19)

By Coral Dixon

Originally from Spain, Eva Casado Ariza’s master's education at the UF School of Music is not her first time studying in another country. She studied abroad in West Virginia for one year of her undergraduate and had such a great experience that she sought master's programs in the United States. Ultimately, she chose UF for the opportunity to chase her artistic dreams.

“Studying at the University of Florida has given me a great opportunity to do both things that I love: conducting and violin," Casado Ariza said. "Not many programs give you the chance of doing both things at the same time and at this great level."

Casado Ariza composed two pieces in the April 2019 UF Symphony Orchestra Concert as one of her final tasks before graduating with a Master in Music in violin performance and instrumental conducting.

“To conduct a piece like the ones I'm conducting, you have to know the score very well," Casado Ariza said. "You also have to decide what tempo and what character you're gonna have so the whole ensemble plays with the same spirit in mind."

By performing in or conducting orchestra ensembles at UF, Casado Ariza has made unforgettable memories with her instructors and fellow students.

“I think my favorite experience at the University of Florida was a concert at the Presbyterian church with a huge choir and also a soloist and it was just magical," Casado Ariza said. "I felt like a lot of the members of the orchestra wanted to cry."

Casado Ariza plans to continue her education by enrolling in a doctoral program in conducting after graduation. She is also determined to keep practicing the violin so she can continue to pursue both of her passions.