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Faculty News : Nov 16, 2016

Brazilian music ensemble Jacaré Choro brings choro music to UF's Digital Worlds Institute

By Rachel Sherman

On November 7, the Brazilian music ensemble Jacaré Choro performed at the UF Digital Worlds Institute. Welson Tremura, associate professor for ethnomusicology and world music, said that the instrumental ensemble is dedicated to Brazil’s rich musical heritage. Jacaré Choro combines plucked strings, winds, piano and percussion. The Brazilian music ensemble partnered with Digital Worlds, the Brazilian Music Foundation and the UF School of Music to present a night full of culture and music.

The concert showcased the inspiration that Brazilian music brings to those who listen to it. The concert was live-streamed as part of the Brazilian Music Foundation’s International Night of Choro Music on the Digital Worlds and Brazilian Music Foundation’s Facebook pages.  

Each musician’s passion for what they do was apparent in their facial expressions as they were performing. Check out the concert video to see the performance and enjoy the wonderful night of choro music for yourself. You can also check out photos from the concert on Flickr.