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Alumni News : Feb 15, 2018

Art of Love: Rok Palčič and Alexandra Flinn-Palčič

By Jordan Sison

Rok Palčič (M.M. ‘15) never thought he would have met the love of his life at the University of Florida until he saw Alexandra Flinn-Palčič (M.M. ‘15) and thought, “What on earth possessed her to buy such bright green pants?”

Rok was born Izola, Slovenia, and Alexandra’s hometown was in Halton, United Kingdom. Both have had a multitude of homes.

Combined, the two have lived in the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Singapore, Austria, Nicaragua, Germany, and the United States.With all the constant traveling, the chances of the two meeting at the University of Florida were slim to none.

“I often wondered what were the odds of finding the love of my life so far away from home, in a country so different from my own in so many ways,” Rok said. “But then I stopped to think that there had to be a powerful force at work, one that transcends all boundaries and was capable of guiding two individuals through life, making sure that they eventually unite.”

Rok believes that the powerful force was music. Not only did the couple find music as an outlet for their passion, but also as a tool to motivate each other during hard times.

“What made us keep going even through the hardest periods was a voice inside us,” Rok said, “one that kept telling us that things will turn out for the best if only we continue to nurture this passion and follow its wisdom. We have always believed this, implicitly, and trusted that one day we would find true happiness.”

Rok and Alexandra continue to indulge in their love for music as well as art, education, family and friends, good food and wine and, of course, travel. The couple is now married and have created their own home together in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

“Both me and Alexandra will always cherish this experience and wherever we end up. We shall not forget that Gainesville was our very first home away from home,” Rok said.