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Alumni News : Feb 1, 2019

Art of Love: Kyle Gray and Marisa Anguilano

By Alexa Lore (BSPR '19)

Kyle Gray and Marisa Anguilano met in the music building at the University of Florida in 2013.

Marisa (BMUSE ‘16) was performing in her recital and Kyle (BMUSE ‘15) still remembers how amazed he was by her.

“I was moved by the passion and expression with which she played her euphonium and course, and how beautiful she looked in her red dress,” he said.

They were opposites in many ways, but they couldn’t seem to be apart from each other. Kyle helped Marisa with her music history assignments, and Marisa would in turn help Kyle with his music theory homework. Two couple also both supported each other at their concerts.

A few months after their meeting, they started dating.

In November 2017, Kyle enlisted the help of his musician friends and prepared an a cappella arrangement of Can’t Help Falling in Love to propose to Marisa. After many happy tears, Marisa said yes to marrying her college sweetheart.

After five and a half years of being together, Kyle believes that he has found the secret to any great relationship.

“Feed her when she is hungry and never wake her when she is sleeping,” he said.

They both currently reside in Tampa, Florida, with their dog, Charlie. Marisa is an elementary school music teacher, and Kyle is a high school choir director.

In their spare time they enjoy hiking, trying new restaurants, traveling, spending time with their dog and taking trips on Sunday to the farmers market. They continue to share their love for teaching, music and the Florida Gators.

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