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Alumni News : Feb 14, 2019

Art of Love: Kari & Joe McCormick

By Jade Bloshuk (BFA Dance '19)

Kari McCormick (BDESF ’86) quickly became the girl next door to the guy in a rock band. Kari and Joe McCormick (BA Geography ‘86) happened to be standing on their adjoined apartment balconies when they caught each other’s eyes. They knew that they had stumbled upon something special.

“Our eyes met and we both knew at that moment we had found each other,” Kari said.

Joe was in a rock band and played for the Gator Marching Band for three years while pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Geography in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. As he was finishing his degree, Kari was beginning in the Graphic Design program in the College of the Arts.

It wasn’t just an apartment complex that the couple had in common; both Kari and Joe’s fathers were Gators that raised them to bleed Orange and Blue!

About 35 years later, they still have plenty in common, like photography, travelling and live music.

“We travel the country and the world whenever we can, wearing our Gator colors of course!” Kari said, “and we always watch the Gators play! Go Gators!”