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Alumni News : Feb 8, 2018

Art of Love: Anna Dvorak & Cristian Gonzalez

By Madison Hallman

In his final semester at the University of Florida, Cristian Gonzalez (B.F.A. Theatre Performance '12) thought it was too good to be true when he first laid eyes on sophomore Anna Dvorak (B.F.A. Theatre Performance '14) in the hallway of the theatre building. After six years of dating, full-time actors Anna and Cristian now reside in Atlanta and are currently in the process of planning their wedding.

The two first got to know each other in their makeup class where they were immediately smitten, flirting and making googly eyes at one another; however, they didn’t begin dating until the last three weeks of the semester.

The couple agreed to date casually because Cristian was moving after graduation, but Cristian never stopped contacting Anna when he left Gainesville. Long-distance dating was the best option for the star-crossed lovers.

“We both told each other that we would rather be together from far away than not be together at all,” Dvorak said. “So, for the two years that I had left in school we were long distance.”

After graduating, Anna moved to Los Angeles to be with Cristian and kick-start her acting career.

Anna and Cristian share a love for acting and movies. They enjoy doing shows together, being on set together and taking acting classes together.

“Above all, we’re teammates,” Dvorak said. “We both say the secret to being the most successful team is to speak honestly and kindly.”