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General News : Nov 12, 2014

Annual Art Bash event is a showcase of art and talent

By Jessie Ward

Each October, the School of Art + Art History hosts Art Bash, an extravaganza of art, activities and music that fills the Fine Arts Complex and surrounding buildings. This year’s event took place on Friday, Oct. 24, 2014. Journeys through the four buildings brought visitors through room-filled art installations to creative art challenges with cardboard and to ceramic bowling competitions. Outside in the cool fall breeze, people wandered through giant inflatable art and shopped for student-crafted ceramic works, including pots, plates and jewelry, while listening to the smooth performance by the R. Mutt Blues Band followed by the indie-alternative rockers Dear & Glorious Physician.

School of Art + Art History Professor and Director Richard Heipp not only gets to attend the annual event, but he also performs in the blues band each year. As one of many faculty members who are also working artists and musicians, Heipp is always excited about what the event offers.

“Art Bash is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the variety of art practices and activities that make the School of Art + Art History such an exciting place,” says Heipp. “This year's event was highlighted by a special concert by our visiting emerging alumni, Chase Westfall's band, New Granada recording artists, Dear & Glorious Physician."

Art Bash is not only for faculty and alumni, but current students play a major role in the variety of activities each year. First-year Museum Studies student Kim Crowell became involved through her work with WARPhaus.

“As the WARPhaus gallery coordinator, I was working with the 4Most Gallery coordinator to promote an upcoming event that we had planned at WARPhaus,” says Crowell. “We thought that Art Bash would provide a great opportunity to promote our event because it attracts a large amount of art-lovers, so we dressed up in costumes and passed out candy and flyers with our event info. We had a great time, and we were able to bring in some additional attendees for our event in the process!”

Charity White participated for her second year in Art Bash as a student, teaching assistant, and H.O.T. Clay member. White showed off her detailed, large-scale ceramic pieces, helped her Advanced Ceramics students set up their artwork and transformed the working classroom into an exhibition space, while also selling pottery as a fundraiser.

“What I love about Art Bash is the breadth of participators,” says White. “I've had such great conversations with people who have been involved in the arts program at UF at different moments in their lives. They have been eager to share their creative legacy and excited to see how that energy is continuing.”

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