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Alumni News : Dec 3, 2014

Alexa Pliskow finds four projects in North Carolina

By Elizabeth Boone

There’s no stopping Alexa Pliskow (BA sociology ’14 and BFA dance ’14). She just wants to dance. After turning down a teaching position with Teach for America in North Carolina, she still made the move to Chapel Hill, where she’s turned her passion into a career. “I want to dance as much as I can for as long as I can,” Pliskow said.

Since moving, Pliskow has secured four separate dance engagements, some providing her the chance to showcase her own work.

Pliskow credits her own resourcefulness combined with her education and background for her success. “I feel really lucky,” Pliskow said.

The dancer showcased her own work entitled Outcast at SPARKcon, an arts festival in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, and is also working as apprentice with Code f.a.d. Company, a dance company that works with film, art and dance.

Pliskow is also working with KT Collective who is joining forces with nosi Dance Theater in a collaboration project called Kindly Rooted, debuting in February 2015. KT Collective also begins another project to be performed in the Greensboro Fringe Festival.

“It’s definitely a challenge, but being busy while at UF helps me keep track of time now,” Pliskow said.

But dance isn’t the only thing on Pliskow’s mind. Homelessness and poverty are issues Pliskow wants to work to fight in the future. While she’s had some other job offers, she’s turned them down. “Dance comes first,” she said.

For more information about her upcoming performance in the Greensboro Fringe Festival, visit