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Alumni News : Sep 29, 2016

A new book in the "Juvenile In Justice" series released by UF alumnus

By Abigail Friedman

Richard Ross (MFA '73) has released a new book, “Juvie Talk.” This book is the third edition in the award winning series, “In Justice.” “Juvie Talk” has an accompanying website that is meant to be used as a curricular tool in order to spark conversations about human rights, mass incarceration and the potential for children to succeed. If an educator or institution would like to use “Juvie Talk” as a play, they can visit the website and enter their unique specifications and the website will generate an original play which can be used as teaching tool. If you are interested in purchasing the series, which includes: “Juvie Talk,” “Girls in Justice” and “Juvenile in Justice,” for yourself or the social activist in your life visit