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Master of Fine Arts Candidates Exhibition II

  • Date & Time
    • Friday, April 09, 2021 10:00am — through
      Friday, April 23, 2021 5:00pm
  • Cost
    • Free
  • Description

    University Gallery will host two exhibitions showcasing the work of University of Florida School of Art and Art History’s Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree candidates. The first will run from March 19 to April 2, 2021. The second will be open from April 9 to April 23, 2021. Concurrent with these exhibitions at University Gallery, further graduate student work will be shown in Libby Gallery. The exhibitions are free and open to the public.

    The exhibition will be guest-curated by Gean Moreno, curator and director of the Knight Foundation Art + Research Center at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. Moreno says that he hoped to “involve the Art and Art History Department’s graduating students in a process very similar to the one that they will be involved in as they begin to interact with institutional curators as their professional careers unfold.” The exhibitions will feature work in a diverse array of media, including graphic design, ceramics, installation, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and video.

    Master of Fine Arts Candidates Exhibition II

    Monsur Awotunde
    Monsur Awotunde’s work recasts remnants that index the global flow of goods, and the movement of foodstuffs on the African continent in particular into sprawling paintings and painterly accumulations.

    Erin Holmes
    Erin Holmes’ ceramics explore the connection between biomorphic forms and feminist discourses. Holmes sculpts numerous vessels, bottles, decanters, and cups, intended to challenge our understanding of gender, sexuality, and the stigma often associated with alternative sexual behaviors or relations.

    Cindy Leung
    Cindy Leung’s works utilize ceramics and textiles in combination to explore concepts of cultural hybridity and the effects of colonialism on personal identity. In doing so, she draws upon her own daily experience, which involves constant code switching within a network of Chinese, British, and American cultural influence.

    Claire Lenahan
    In Claire Lenahan’s ceramics standard elements of everyday receptacles are given mutant traits and placed on “misused” tables, inviting viewers to engage with them and their queer formality. These seemingly familiar, functional objects change their expected design to challenge the user.

    Aimee Marcinko
    Aimee Marcinko creates an immersive and responsive installation of ceramic sculpture and dramatic LED lighting that serves as a striking reminder of nature’s intelligence and its symbiotic relationships with human kind.

    Jasmine Ramos
    Asking, “How can I use materiality to allude to the construction or fabrication of queer identity?” Jasmine Ramos examines feminist dialogue through embroidery and other textile-based practices. Her work consists of two-dimensional wall-hung fabric pieces concerning her own bodily experiences as a queer person.

  • Venue
    Gary R. Libby University Gallery
    400 SW 13th Street
    Fine Arts Building B (FAB)
    FL 32611
    (352) 273-3000
    Gary R. Libby University Gallery Website