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Matthew Schatt
Adjunct Assistant Professor, MME Online
School of Music/Online MME Program, Music Education, Instrumental Music

Matthew D. Schatt is an Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the University of Florida. For 18 years, Schatt guided instrumental music students in the fifth through twelfth grades and facilitated and modernized middle school general music classes in public K12 settings. His active research interests include studying the practice routines of middle-level instrumental musicians, examining the motivational interests of pre-adolescent musicians, and exploring student-centered models for secondary instruction. Schatt’s research has been disseminated in Psychology of Music, International Journal of Music Education, Update: Applications of Research in Music EducationVisions of Research in Music EducationResearch & Issues in Music EducationResearch Studies in Music Education, and Contributions to Music Education. Schatt completed two terms on the editorial board for Contributions to Music Education and is currently serving on the boards of the International Journal of Contemporary Education and Psychological and Behavioral Sciences.

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